Federal University, Dutsin-ma

Katsina state, Nigeria

Nigeria's Economics Development Conference (NEDCO 2016)

Monday 06th June 2016

The University community wishes to inform the general public of the Nigeria's Economics Development Conference (NEDCO 2016).
Date: 6th - 8th June, 2016.
Time: 10:00am Daily.
Venue: University Auditorium.


Nigeria's Economic Challenges since Independence: Issues and Prospects from Multidimensional Perspectives.

Conference Overview

The Nigeria's Economics Development Conference (NEDCO) was formed by the imperative of dealing with the avalanche of challenges facing the Nigerian economy since independence, in a setting where experts, academics, administrators and policy makers are leveraged to intellectually dissect the myriad of challenges facing the country, as well as providing relevant panaceas.

The challenges facing the Nigerian economy range from high poverty and rising unemployment to insurgency, all of which can constrain the capacity of government at all levels to provide the enabling environment for economic progress.

The conference is geared towards providing a veritable platform for diagnosing Nigeria's economic challenges, including prospects, from multidimensional perspectives. In this context every aspect of economic challenges from the point of view of economics, politics, sociology, agriculture, history, security, law and the like is germane.

It is hoped that presentations at the conference will enrich and broaden our understanding of where Nigeria was, where Nigeria is and where Nigeria ought to be. The recommendations will no doubt be a rich source of knowledge to all stakeholders in the task of developing the Nigerian economy.

Martins Iyoboyi,
Chairman, LOC.