Federal University, Dutsin-ma

Katsina state, Nigeria

Courses: 4th Year 1st sem., B.A.(HONS) English

  1. ENG411: New Trends in Syntax

    (3 credit units)

    This course introduces students to new trends in the study of syntax and their applications to English.

  2. ENG421: Psycholinguistics

    (3 credit units)

    This course presents the psycholinguist’s account of language and the relationship between language and mind. Topics covered include language acquisition and language learning; language, thinking and cognition; language and the brain, language localization; linguistic performance and behaviour, production and comprehension; language impairment.

  3. ENG431: English for Specific Purposes

    (3 credit units)

    The course is to study the ways in which English may be adopted to particular circumstances and purposes, with emphasis on specialized varieties of English, the language of journalism, bureaucracy, science and technology, public speaking, ordinary conversation, English for Academic Purposes etc. Students are to write a short project involving fieldwork on any of the areas covered.

  4. ENG441: Research Methods II

    (3 credit units)

    This is a continuation of ENG 351 to be taught in semester I of the 4th year. Emphasis to be on data analysis and description to prepare students for ENG 452 and future research.

  5. ENG451: Multilingualism

    (3 credit units)

    This course focuses on multilingualism in general and English and multilingualism in particular. Specific attention will be drawn to the position of English in multilingual African and other nations. Topics such as language choice, minority languages, language planning and management in the Nigerian multilingual context will be critically examined from the perspective of the roles of English and Nigeria’s indigenous languages.

  6. LIT411: African-American and Caribbean Literature

    (3 credit units)

    The course will present a comprehensive survey of the literature produced by writers of the Black diasporas in North America (USA and Canada) and the English-speaking Caribbean. Lectures will focus on the literary response to the history, socio-economic and political movements during the last three hundred years and in more recent trends in Afro-American and Caribbean literature.

  7. LIT421: Literary Theory and Criticism

    (3 credit units)

    This course is designed to introduce students to theories of literary production of criticism, and criticism as a mode of production, the so called critical debates and their major schools-the sociological, the formalist, the structuralists, the feminists, the Marxists etc. Texts may be selected as basis of reference.

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