Federal University, Dutsin-ma

Katsina state, Nigeria

Courses: 4th Year 2nd Sem., B. Sc. Biology

  1. BIO412: Cytogenetics

    (2 credit units)

    Specifications of the plant cell, Karyotype analysis in root-tip and genetogenetics, Chromosomal aberrations; effects of radiation and chemical agents Aneuploidy and polyploidy.

  2. BIO432: Systematic Biology

    (2 credit units)

  3. BIO442: Research Project

    (6 credit units)

    A supervised research project involving scientific investigation in any aspect of biological sciences, the project is to be written in form of a scientific report or paper and defended orally before an External Examiner.

  4. BOT412: Economic Botany

    (3 credit units)

    Plants of economic importance such as cotton, groundnuts, and cocoa; their origin, distribution, agronomic practices, breeding, diseases and their control, processing and marketing, Weed biology and control methods.

  5. ZOO422: Wildlife and Fisheries

    (3 credit units)

    Dynamics of wildlife populations, Techniques of investigation of wildlife populations, Principles of wildlife management, The wildlife resources of Nigeria, Conservation policies, problems and prospects, World wildlife resources; differences in values, management, philosophies and traditions Conservation education, Wildlife disease epidemiology and control, Fisheries and fish culture techniques. Pond management and gear technology.

  6. ZOO452: Comparative Animal History

    (2 credit units)

    Basic anatomy of vertebrates, their evolution and relationship with the non-vertebrates, Morphology and anatomy of chordate groups in particular, Comparative anatomy of Chordate skeletal, muscular, alimentary, nervous and reproductive systems.

  7. BOT406: Plant Pathology

    (3 credit units)

    The concept of disease in plants, Classification of plant diseases, detailed study of common local plant diseases Isolation and study of plant pathogens, Koch’s postulates, Epidemiology, physiology and control of plant diseases, Plant disease resistance.

  8. MCB422: Public Health

    (2 credit units)

    Sources of infections and routes of transmission in the community, Epidemiology of diseases, Mode of disease transmission Community health, hygiene and sanitation: Water and sewage sanitation, Safe waste disposal preparations Hygiene and literacy; community education and participation, Community diseases control and management; vector control, prophylaxis, vaccination and chemotherapy.

  9. MCB432: Pathogenic Bacteriology

    (2 credit units)

    Host-parasite relationships, Pathogenic microorganisms & disease virulence, spectrum & symptoms of infection, treatment and control Koch’s postulations, Methods of isolation of pathogens.

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