Federal University, Dutsin-ma

Katsina state, Nigeria

Courses: 3rd Year 2nd sem., B.A.(HONS) History

  1. HIS312: History Research Methodology II

    (3 credit units)

    These courses treat various methods, which can be used to collect and interpret research data, especially in non-literate societies. The course is designed to prepare students for their research projects.

  2. HIS322: Nigeria during Inter War Period

    (3 credit units)

    A discussion of colonial Nigeria and her experience as a dependency, especially during the period of depression. Nationalism and development of political institutions will also be examined.

  3. HIS332: Economic History of the USA in the 19th Century

    (3 credit units)

    A survey of economic development in the USA highlighting the issue of slavery, the civil war, and the reconstruction after 1865 and industrialization in the later 19th century.

  4. HIS342: Africa and the Outside World in the 20th C

    (3 credit units)

    The course examines political and economic development within Africa s well as the international relations within the African countries on the one hand and between the African States and the outside world on the other. The processes of colonization, independence movements, neo-colonialism are highlighted as well as some of the effects of the African States in regional and continental organizations, to solve the problems of poverty and political instability.

  5. HIS352: Comparative Industrial Growth (USA, USSR, Japan, China and Britain)

    (3 credit units)

    with the Later Industrialized societies such as Japan, China and Russia. It draws lessons for those countries which are just starting the process.

  6. HIS362: Problems and Issues in African Historiography

    (3 credit units)

    examines the Historiography, meaning of History to the African, the written and non-written sources available for Historical writing; works of Muslim writers, works of European and African writers, oral tradition, Archaeology, Linguistics, and Anthropology. Inter-disciplinary approach to the study of African History; African History and the Social Science; contemporary African History and politics.

  7. HIS372: Japan from the Tokugawa to the Meiji Restoration

    (3 credit units)

    A survey of the early history of Japan up to the era of Emperor Meiji, 1868 1912

  8. HIS382: The Cold War and its Aftermath

    (2 credit units)

    This course examines the emergence of the USA and the Soviet Union as super powers each supported by blocs of allies in Europe, which quickly led to a state of global tension which centered particularly on the boundaries of the two blocs. This course examines the implications of the internationalization of the cold war politics in Africa. Areas to be covered include the geo-strategic significance of Africa, Cold war politics in Central Africa (the Congo crises), militarization and cold war, diplomacy in the Horn of Africa and southern Africa. Emphasis will be placed on the social, economic, political and geo-strategic implications of the cold war for Africa and the realities of post cold war politics in Africa.

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