Federal University, Dutsin-ma

Katsina state, Nigeria

Courses: 4th Year 2nd sem., B.Sc. Sociology

  1. SOC412: Models in Sociological Analysis

    (3 credit units)

    The course is built around two complementary issues: what types of explanations are used in sociology, and what types of data are used in constructing explanations in sociology. The aim is to enable the students evaluate a sociologistís approach to any empirical area from the view-point of whether the chosen model of explanation is adequate or whether the purported explanation is inadequate in terms of the chosen model.

  2. SOC422: Sociology of the third world

    (3 credit units)

    Decolonization and the emergence of the third world. The characteristics of the third world societies. The North-South interaction and conflicts.

  3. SOC402: Research project

    (6 credit units)

    A piece of original research in any field of sociology to be conducted under the supervision of a lecturer. This is presented in five chapters with a minimum of 40 pages and a maximum of 60 pages. Students are expected to use APA reference style in their projects.

  4. SOC432: Regional Ethnography

    (2 credit units)

    Advanced study of the African sub-region as a major ethnological region. Human origins and early man, physical anthropology and archaeology, races and racism. The cultural regions of Africa, language and population migration of peoples and cultures of Africa.

  5. SOC442: Sub-Saharan Africa

    (2 credit units)

    An in-depth study of the roots of poverty and underdevelopment in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa from a political economy perspective, issues covered include the impact of colonialism, internal cultures, military rule, corruption, democratization, human rights and rural development.

  6. SOC452: Sociology of the Professions

    (2 credit units)

    The course examines the historical and socio-political processes whereby occupational groups succeed (or fail) in rising to become established professions; and the processes of adult socialization whereby aspiring professionals acquire the technical and social skills required for becoming practicing members of specific professional groups.

  7. SOC462: Applied Demography

    (2 credit units)

    The course exposes students to the tools of demographic analysis. The focus is on demographic data collection; the history, development and uses of population census; basis of demography; incisures, life tables; population distribution, historical materials, estimates and projections.

  8. SOC472: Sociology of Decolonization

    (2 credit units)

    Building on earlier courses in development studies and political sociology, the course develops a general theory of decolonization and applies to a variety of cases involving selected African countries, China, Vietnam and Cuba.

  9. SOC482: Comparative Legal Systems

    (2 credit units)

    Building on earlier courses in the sociology of law, the course exposes students to various traditional and contemporary legal systems. The focus is on different pre-colonial Nigeria and African Legal systems; Western Legal systems and Legal systems in Military regimes.

  10. SOC492: Industrial Relations

    (2 credit units)

    The nature and evolution of industrial organizations from the craft to the modern bureaucratic model is examined. The focus is on the emergency of trade unions, models of industrial relations, collective bargaining and wage determination, as well as the role of the State in labour relations in Nigeria.

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