Federal University, Dutsin-ma

Katsina state, Nigeria

Courses: 3rd Year 1st Sem., B. Sc. (Ed) Mathematics

  1. GST311: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies

    (2 credit units)

    Some of the ventures to be focused upon include the following: soap/detergent, tooth brushes and tooth paste making; photography; brick, nails, screws making; dyeing/textile blocks paste making; rope making; plumbing; vulcanizing; brewing; glassware production/ceramic production; paper production; water treatment/conditioning/packaging; food processing/packaging/preservation; metal working/fabrication-steel and aluminum door and windows; training industry; vegetable oil /and salt extractions; fisheries/aquaculture; refrigeration/air conditioning; plastic making; farming (crop); domestic electrical wiring; radio/TV repairs; carving; weaving; brick laying/making; bakery; tailoring; iron welding; building drawing; carpentry; leather tanning; interior decoration; printing; animal husbandry (poultry, piggery, goat.); metal craft-blacksmith, tinsmith; sanitary wares; vehicles maintenance and bookkeeping.

  2. EDU311 : Educational Technology

    (2 credit units)

    The course offers on eclectic approach to the design process application and effects of technique in the teaching/learning situation. It is designed to broaden student teachers’ knowledge on the systematic production, effective use and evaluation of inexpensive and local instructional materials for instructional purpose.

  3. EDU321: Curriculum and Instruction II

    (2 credit units)

    A critical analysis of curriculum in terms of their relevance and National goals. Relationship between curriculum and instruction in terms of objectives specification, selection of learning experiences, learning materials, methods and media of instruction, and evaluation. An overview of curriculum innovation in a subject matter area with particular reference to Nigerian experience

  4. EDU331: Tests and Measurement

    (2 credit units)

    An experience in test construction, administration, analysis and interpretation.

  5. EDU341: Educational Research Methods

    (2 credit units)

    An exposure to the meaning, characteristics, purpose of and steps in educational research, the scientific method, hypothesis. Choice of research topics and its design and characteristics, library search and referencing, Instrumentation and methods ofdata gathering, and reporting in educational context should be emphasized.

  6. MTH321: Elementary Diff. Equation II

    (3 credit units)

    Series solutions of second order linear equations. Bessel, Legendre and hyper geometric equations and functions. Gamma, Beta functions sturmlioville problems. Orthogonal polynomials and functions.Fourier-Bessel and Fourier-Legendre series.Fouriertransformation.Solution of lap laces, wave and heat equations by Fourier method.

  7. MTH331: Complex Analysis I

    (2 credit units)

    Function of a complex variable. Limits and continuity of functions of a complex variable.Derivation of the Cauchy Riemann equations. Analytic functions. Bilinear transformations, conformal mapping. Contour integrals. Cauchy’s theorems and its main consequences.Convergence of sequences and series of functions of complex variable.Powerseries.Taylor series.

  8. MTH251: Real Analysis I

    (2 credit units)

    Bounds of real numbers, convergence of sequence of numbers. Monotone sequences, the theorem of nested intervals, cauchy sequences, tests for convergence of series. Absolute and conditional convergence of series, and re – arrangements.Completeness of reals and incompleteness of rationales. Continuity and differentiability of functions R R. Rolle’s and means value theorems for differentiable functions, Taylor series.

  9. MTH241: Linear Algebra I

    (2 credit units)

    Vector space over the real field.Subspaces, linear independence, basis and dimension. Linear transformations including linear operators, linear transformations and their representation by matrices—range, null space, rank. Singular and non-singular transformation and matrices.Algebra of matrices.

  10. MTH351: Numerical Analysis I

    (3 credit units)

    Solution of linear difference equations.Implicit and explicit multistep methods for solving initial value problems.Analysis of convergence multistep methods.RungeKutta methods. Theorem about convergence of runge-kutta methods Numerical methods for solving stiff systems of ordinary differential equations

  11. MTH371: Abstract Algebra II

    (2 credit units)

    Effects on limits (sums) when the functions are continuously differentiable or Riemann integrable, power series.

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