1. General Dress Code For All Students
  2. Students are to dress decently at all times especially to lecture halls, tutorial, laboratories, workshops and the library.
  3. Students clothing should not be vulgar, offensive or obscene.
  4. They should not wear things like full-face veils, motorcycle helmets and masks for easy identification.
  5. For the purpose of sports, they should wear long pairs of sports track suits during sports.
  6. Sleeveless dresses without Jacket are not allowed, that is wearing clothes that expose the armpits and body.
  7. Piecing of any part of the body, other than the ears for the female is prohibited.
  8. Trousers on loose and long tops, long gowns that covers the buttocks are allowed.
  9. Multi-colored or colored hair, attachments and weavon are not allowed.
  10. Transparent cloths that show visible cleavage, skin or under garment are not allowed and also tattoo marks on any part of the body are prohibited.
  11. Students are encouraged to always wear their student’s identification card.
  12. Dress Code for Female Students.
  13. Female students should wear dresses that cover their busts, abdominal parts, midriff, arms and armpits, kneel thighs, belly, waist, buttocks and other sensitive parts.
  14. Spaghetti tops, wicked straps, tubeless, bum shorts are not allowed.
  15. All dresses trousers and skirt must be below the knees.
  16. Dropping scarves or sleeveless dresses are prohibited. Leg bracelets are not allowed.
  17. Female students are to wear hairstyles that are neat. Colored hairs, weavon, wigs and attachments are prohibited.
  18. Female students should not wear more than one earring at a time.
  19. Piercing of nose, tongue, or any part of the body are also prohibited.
  20. Use of full-face veil by female is not allowed.
  •  Dress  Code For Male Students
  • The male students should maintain low haircut.
  • Rough, permed or relaxed hair are not allowed.
  • Male students should wear clothes that covers their arms, armpits, chests, waists.
  •  Sleeveless shirts or T-shits, short knickers are not allowed.
  • Sagging of trousers are prohibited.
  • Wearing of long sleeved shirts without buttoning and flying of shirt collars are prohibited.
  • Male students are prohibited from wearing earrings, scarves, braided hair, dread lock, colored hair and wearing of bangles.
  • Students should dress properly with their University Identification card.


1.  First offender would be given a form to fill as a first offender of Dress Code or for violation of Dress Code.

2. Second offender, indecently dressed students would have their pictures taken and published in the University Special Bulletin and also a warning letter for violation of dress code will be issued to offenders.

3.  Third offender would be arraigned before the Dress Code Committee and a recommendation for rustication of (1) one semester as punishment for violation of Dress Code and the invitation of the parents